Many people create spectacular in-your-face gun shirts. As gun nuts, we love ’em!

We wear big bright gun shirts with raunchy slogans when we’re hanging with the guys or out on the range. However, we also wanted something a little more subtle for wearing gun shirts to places you wouldn’t want to wear four square feet of neon AK-47 to, but wouldn’t mind occasionally wearing something subtle that engages other shooters in conversation.

We produce them in two styles:  One with just a small silhouette and one with the words “BRING IT!” under the silhouette. Still small, but just a a little hint of in-your-face when completely subtle isn’t enough.

All our shirts are made by and sold on Zazzle. You can customize the shirt to your liking: short sleeve, long sleeve, or sweatshirts. Custom colors, custom material. Mens or women’s. Tight or loose fit.